EHealth Management Record (eHRMApp)

This is a web application for managing eHealth records. It  allows users with the appropriate roles to do the following: register new patients in a hospital and assign to them clinicians (doctor, nurses, etc.); retrieve patient information; register new nurses and doctors in a hospital and assign them to a ward;  change nurses or doctors from one ward to another;  and move patients to a different practice. The access-control policy regulates, in particular, access to the patients' highly sensitive records. These records shall only be retrieved by their handling doctors, although this policy can be relaxed in an emergency situation.

EHRMApp was developed as part of a case study proposed by industrial partners in an ongoing European project (


The full specification of the eHRMApp is given by its data, security, and GUI source models. A detailed description of the content of these models is provided in the following links:

To clone the source models of eHRMApp  (for ActionGUI 2.5),  use the following command (no login or password are required):

git clone