Chatroom  (ChatApp)

This application provides an online discussion site where users converse by posting messages in chatrooms. 


To clone the source models of ChatApp  (for ActionGUI 2.5),  use the following command (no login or password are required):

git clone

The security policy states that everybody can read any message posted in a public chatroom, but that only registered users can read messages posted in a private chatroom, provided that they participate in that chatroom. Moreover, only registered users can post messages in public chatrooms; they can also post to private chatrooms, provided they also participate in that chatroom.

The initial menu contains the following options:

  1. Public: to access the public chatrooms (no need for registration).
  2. Private: to access the private chatrooms; but first you need to register (with role REGISTERED).
  3. Admin: to create and manage chatrooms (add and remove participants); but first you need to register (with role ADMIN).
  4. Reset: to restore the application to its initial state (see below). 
Please, click Exit to logout.

Live Demo

A demo version of the ChatApp application is live both at  and Be aware that, in the latter case, the Red Hat cloud service may take a minute to redeploy the application

To log-in use one of the following credentials:

  • loginbobpasswordbob
  • login: chapasswordcha
  • loginalipasswordali

Initially, the underlying database contains the following information: 

Be aware that this is a live demo. To restore the database to its initial values, please click the button Reset in the login window.


  • Bob: nicknameBobloginbobpasswordbobroleREGISTERED
  • Charlie: nicknameCharlieloginchapasswordcharoleREGISTERED
  • Alice: nicknameAliceloginalipasswordaliroleADMIN